rKantor - Craft Blended Łukasz Dzwonek rKantor - Craft Blended Łukasz Dzwonek

Graphic Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX, Web Design



rKantor is a innovative platform comparing currency exchange rates from online and brick-and-mortar change shops, enabling adjusting the best offer at the market to the users preferences – i.e. type of bank account, type of transfer or possibility of negotiations. Website is dedicated to either individuals or institutions – it helps them find products enabling optimization of costs i.e. costs of business travel and hedging the exchange rate. rKantor shows the most attractive offers taking all costs into consideration at the same time. It helps negotiate with exchange shops and create currency auctions.

What problem did we solve?

Thanks to the rKantor user can compare and find the best offer, and what’s the most important he will be able to save actually. Platform is a free-to-use tool of a cost optimization. Thanks to the website user sees how much he actually saves using the application to change currencies. rKantor informs about reaching the expected level of the rate by series of alerts. What’s more, exchange goes in a simple, safe and comfortable way – you don’t have to include a real cash in a transaction. Consequently the rKantor is the cheapest way to exchange currencies on the market.

Who is the target of the rKantor?

Using rKantor users save their time – whole process takes approximately no more than an hour, and money – the best rates on the market (3-4% savings in every transaction). Website is dedicated to everyone who want to change currencies at the best possible rate, tourists, those who have a loan in a foreign currency, international trade companies but also for people working abroad willing to send money to their families. Customer could be everyone who is conscious of a real possibility of saving money in the process of exchanging currencies.