Reinkreacja - Craft Blended Łukasz Dzwonek Reinkreacja - Craft Blended Łukasz Dzwonek

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Reinkreacja is a fashion brand created by Kasia Chojnacja and Maria Marcinkowska. An aesthetic sensitivity, inspiration derived from big city and inspiration by contemporary architecture make that Reinkreacja’s style appeals to breathtaking classics and minimalistic forms. Reinkreacja’s collections are defined by the properly adjusted cloth, surprising cut and details. They are targeted on self-assured and corageous women who admire a comfort and individuality.

What is the project Reinkreacja?

The origin of a project is very simple. At the certain moment there was a need in close surroundings for an interesting and good quality women clothing. Because of the fact that both founders had been keen on creating something innovative and useful it was quite obvious to fondle that need by themselves. Main goal of the Reinkreacja is a contemporary design combined with comfortable and good quality materials and reasonable price – as for the people interested in fashion.

Who is the target of the Reinkreacja?

The main target customer of the Reinkreacja is a woman aged from 18 to 34 who follows fashion trends and at the same time tries to be conscious in the matter of cloth used. Next few months will be focused on developing an offer and creating the positive image as well as taking proper targeting measures. The shop also pays lots of attention to the customer attachement – it is taking care of customers coming back. Besides developing sales the plans are also to create its own production base and establish some workplaces in a little Lodz’s manufacture.