Peek - Craft Blended Łukasz Dzwonek Peek - Craft Blended Łukasz Dzwonek

Graphic Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX



Peek is a local tasks board that enables saving time for people who can transfer their own tasks to people in a Google Campus surroundings. The user can use an application when he needs a someone close to him who can do his tasks. He commissions the task and then sets a description and compensation for conducting a job. People interested in completing a task submit their offers.

What problem did we solve?

The base concept of a Peek application is to create a complex tool enabling people looking for a job to find the job that fully corresponds with their qualifications. Users can also take the advantage of instruments useful for planning a career and that can be helpful in developing skills, competences and qualifications. A special algorithm suggests best job offers.

Who is the target of the Peek?

An application is dedicated to freelance programmers and other IT specialists, who respect their time. That’s the end of the spam with job offers that don’t meet expectations. Every logged-in user can set its professional and financial preferences. It’s made for the best possible fit without spamming an e-mail with offers out of his interest. Satisfaction will be guaranteed for people who are valuing the high quality, quick execution and sensible price.