ileWyjdzie? - Craft Blended Łukasz Dzwonek ileWyjdzie? - Craft Blended Łukasz Dzwonek

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX



ileWyjdzie? is an application which reflects the shop cart, known from the Internet shopping, in real life. Using ileWyjdzie? during the shopping in a random shop user can track the value of a products that are placed in a cart. It’s made by scanning bar codes of products before placing them in a cart. After reading the bar code application shows the name of the product and its price and then sums all products added to the cart. Every cart is attributed to the selected place.

What problem did we solve?

In the online shop user always knows how much products he added to the cart cost. User also knows their quantity. In a real life there is no such possibility so that he often is surprised by the “total” at the checkout despite the fact that he was choosing the cheapest products or was trying to count them in mind. Unfortunately, such counting are basically inaccurate, on the other hand using calculator isn’t very handy. Thanks to the application user knows how much he spent up to the certain moment and how much all of his items in the cart cost.

What is the current stage of the ileWyjdzie?

ileWyjdzie? knows where the user did the shopping, how much he spent there, and where he can buy cheaper and which product is the bestseller. An application shares the control panel and statistics. You can track your shopping and spendings as well as find cheaper shops. Authors think about the strategy of multiple markets. They want to educate companies about shopping habits, prices and related.