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Men love to compete. As a matter of fact it’s a frequent pretext of meetings, conversations and intensifying relationships. Because of that men at work, school colleagues and neighbours are into betting match scores or even whole tournaments. It’s always done in an archaic way – on sheet papers or in an Excel sheet. There wasn’t such a tool to make it simplier, nicer and more professional, enabling at the same time live tracking of results and communication between players.

What problem did we solve?

We’ve created a website that is above all – the social platform, enabling mutual sporting bets within a society. Single challenges as well as huge bets in a game style between players gathered at groups. It’s a socialbetting innovation that is absolutely fresh on the market. Users can compete in a 1 on 1 mode or in a league with some established rules. At the same time the FellowBet brings all the basic information about the event and scores. Bets and leagues can be public or private – limited to a certain group.

Who is the target of the FellowBet?

Relationship between friends are based on invitations, just like on Facebook. Every user can have any number of friends invited by a website (FellowBet sends an e-mail with an invitation). While creating a league you can invite any number of people by entering their e-mail adresses or FellowBet nickname. People who are invited to the league and will accept the challenge are automatically a friend of a league creator. You can remove a friend at any given time. All social modes can be seen at the homepage of the website – thanks to that they are easily accesible from every place on a website.