EXAKT - Craft Blended Łukasz Dzwonek EXAKT - Craft Blended Łukasz Dzwonek

Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX, Web Design



EXAKT is dedicated to a person working in whichever profession. Businessman, politician, sports coach, lawyer, star, fashion designer, model, programmer, graphic designer, skills coach, lecturer, journalist, actor, scientist, announcer, photographer or a person aspiring to obtain a job locally or abroad. Such a person just has to present himself better. In order to obtain new customers and boost his esteem he needs to complete his portfolio by creative self-presentation or to increase his possibilites of the promotion.

What problem did we solve?

EXAKT is a recruitment system combining traditional and contemporary methods of job seeking and verifying potential candidates for a particular vacancy. Company also enables employers checking out a specific skills of candidates saving time and money. Moreover, among the EXAKT targets there is a place for constant widening the range of offered competences tests, as wells as coming into new markets – first of all, into the German market.

Who is the target of the EXAKT?

Comapny’s services are basically dedicated to employers and HR departments wishing to employ really talented and qualified employers for selected vacancies. Main advantage of EXAKT is a strictly specified type of adverts. Satisfaction will be guaranteed for all those who admire the high quality, quick execution and sensible price. In the nearest future company will try to revolutionize the HR market by offering a contemporary recrutiment and selection method.