EKSPERT - Craft Blended Łukasz Dzwonek EKSPERT - Craft Blended Łukasz Dzwonek

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Since its inception college offers lectures in pre-schools and schools – directly at the place, before or after regular lessons. EKSPERT concentrates on teaching English young people at every age, having in offer courses for people in various age. It’s the only language school in Pabianice that is the partner school of the prestigeous Cambridge University Press, which at the same time is the supplier of teaching materials. From 2009 to 2011 school had been conducting authors project “Angielski dla każdego” (eng. “English for everyone”), which was donated by EU and enabled almost 1800 school children from 15 primary schools from the Pabianice region to learn English totally for free.

Who is the target of the EKSPERT?

Every kid, every student is an important link for the EKSPERT. The school not only works during the lectures but also before and after. The quality survey is conducted two times a year – students can express their opinion about the lecture and lecturers as well. Every student from age 12 up is having a direct phone number to the lecturer in order to contact after the lesson. It surely boosts the relationship between a student and teacher. EKSPERT discusses and consults how to mutally help kids in learning.

What is the current stage of the EKSPERT?

EKSPERT organizes object lessons (at the beginning of the school year) and open lessons (all year round) – parents can join lessons as a spectators or auditors of their children. The evaluation of the job is done twice a year. School employs only experienced and recommended by Ministry of Education teachers. They have a full knowledge of methodics enabling them to teach in a nice and effective way. Methodics specialist take care of lecturers’ job by organizing workshops and coaching.

What problem did we solve?

Every student or parent can also check the information about his group by himself – they are attendance list, topics and materials from a particular lesson. He can also check the language progress and payments. Availability of the information at any given moment boosts the satisfaction of parents and children. An online registration, on the other hand, enables to join a group all year round. Payments are accepted by i.e. PayPal system that makes it really quick and comfortable to pay for a whole course or just for an instalment. E-office guarantees a quick access to the media and library (reservation, borrowing e-materials), shortcuts for students, parents and lecturers.