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Business Competitors Intelligence

Business Competitors Intelligence

Business Competitors Intelligence is an innovative application consisting of set of tools helpful in a company management. An application and solutions included support and improve many processes in a company – business, administrative, informative and integrative. Business Competitors Intelligence was designed to improve the quality of an enterprise management, it stands for the strategic company documentation, information flow and internal communication.

What problem did we solve?

An application has implemented a set of ready-to-use modules, responsible for an electronic flow and registration of documents, intuitive process of know-how management, effective time management and employees tasks as well as planned reservation of company’s reserves. Business Competitors Intelligence needs an Internet access which eliminates problems connected with physical absence of the worker at the workplace. Lower costs are guaranteed because of sharing the application – here the only cost is a paid subscription.

Who is the target of the Business Competitors Intelligence?

Business Competitors Intelligence is dedicated to SME-s looking for solutions improving an effective company management and internal communication. This type of companies tend to maintain a balance between a high quality service and low level of administrative costs. An application is an alternative for standard solutions of an electronic management that usually needs much higher capital expenditure.