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Business Blended

Business Blended

Business Blended is an application facilitating a creation of the business plan and checking the viability of a particular project. As a matter of fact it is a set of descriptive and financial creators enabling a teamwork on business plan. It helps creating professional business plans basing on accessible templates and best practices. Financial estimates are made in accordance with all accounting rules and enable to create the balance sheet, financial statement, cashflow statement and financial ratios document.

What problem did we solve?

The main aim of the project was to bring to customers an intuitive and simple to use tool useful for startups, enterpreneurs and for those who plan to set up a company. The main problem that Business Blended helps to solve is to check the viability of an idea after specifing all costs and calculating financial ratios enabling a real valuation of a company. An application and solutions included support and improve many processes in a company.

Who is the target of the Business Blended?

An application is made for startups, SME-s and for people who are planning to set up a new company, as well as for people creating business plans and investors or for those trying to obtain a loan for either company development or investment. Business Blended is also made for education, coaching and MBA programmes.